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About Psyllium


Psyllium, scientifically known as Plantago ovata, has emerged as a revered traditional medicine worldwide, cherished for its remarkable medicinal properties. Locally referred to as isabgol or isabhghula, this plant is now cultivated extensively in western India. Its agricultural significance has soared due to its widespread use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food grade industries across the globe. Morphologically, psyllium appears as a bushy herb thriving in sandy, salty soil, with its origins believed to lie in Asia, the Mediterranean Region, and North Africa. The characteristic mucilage formation on catching humidity distinguishes psyllium seeds. A natural remedy for constipation, psyllium regulates bowel functions by nourishing the digestive system. Its natural fibers play a vital role in maintaining a healthy regimen and can alleviate symptoms of fatigue, loss of energy, and other severe health issues. Psyllium boasts several beneficial properties—it is cool, laxative, antidiuretic, soothing, harmless, anti-acidic, emollient, demulcent, stabilizer, and sizer. As a natural bulk-forming laxative, it aids in the proper excretion of bile acids, thus reducing the risk of heart attacks by decreasing serum cholesterol levels. Moreover, it facilitates the elimination of accumulated toxins, chemicals, and excessive waste products from the body.

Embrace the wonders of psyllium, a precious gift from nature that supports your well-being and contributes to a healthier, happier life.

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